Reconditioning of transformer oil

Reconditioning is a process which eliminates or reduces oil contamination by means of physical processes (filtration, de-humidification, de-gasification, etc.).

Reconditioning is carried out at the user’s site, employing only physical means to remove contaminants from the oil.

The process may also remove some dissolved gases and other compound such as furanic compound. New data should be recorded after such a process.


Our oil treatment equipment works in the following sequences:

•  At the entrance in the oil treatment plant, the oil is filtered with a coarse filter to prevent the entry of any solid particles into the equipment
•  The oil is heated to a temperature that maximizes the efficiency of the degassing and drying process
•  After heating, the oil goes through a flow adjustment and reaches the degasser, where it is dried and degassed. The degasser is equipped with an oil dispersion system made of glass fiber, which extends the surface, shear the oil and expose it to the effect of vacuum
The vacuum in the degasser is maintained by a vacuum system consisting of a vacuum pump and a vacuum booster
•  From the outlet of the degasser the oil is pumped through a fine filter which removes any solid particles still present in the oil



Technical characteristicsRF 18RF 1
Flow rate [mc/h]181
Power [kW]10827
Supplementary electric heater [kW]60-
Vacuum capacity [m3/h]250+180025
Weight [kg]4000200
Diameter of connection flanges [mm]DN 60DN 25
Output filter fineness [μm]0,5 ;1; 30,5; 1; 3; 5
Humidity [ppm]< 3< 5
Gas content [%]< 0,1 < 0,2
Electrical breakdown [kV/cm]>300>280